Locurile comune iau o pauză din motive obiective. Mihnea Măruță:

Suntem o redacţie destul de mică, în comparaţie cu echipele clasice de cotidian tipărit. Şi zic asta pentru că ne propunem ca orice articol pe care-l publicăm să stârnească interesul cititorilor de limbă română, oriunde în lume.

Aşa ne vom alege subiectele (şi, deci, nu vom miza pe cantitate): cu dorinţa ca fiecare text să fie relevant, sau măcar interesant, indiferent dacă trăiţi la Cluj, la Bucureşti sau în Honolulu. Ceea ce ne uneşte este limba română.

Dacă aveți chef de citit, o să țin pe PressOne o rubrică de recomandări zilnice, poate un pic mai mundane decât cele de aici, dar în același spirit de a da mai departe lucruri care merită citite.

Tot pe PressOne fac în fiecare dimineață de luni până vineri Revista Pressei pentru cei care n-au ore întregi de pierdut ca să înțeleagă ce se mai întâmplă prin țară și prin lume.

I’ll be back!

Să încetăm să ne lamentăm!

Adevărul e însă că n-o duc strălucit. Lumea s-a schimbat neverosimil de când nu mai ești. Autoritatea a murit o dată cu apariția Internetului, a accesului gratuit la informație și a noilor generații, care contestă orice, oriunde, oricând.

A dispărut și meseria pe care o practicam, întrucât azi poate să scrie toată lumea – o, dacă ai vedea cum e presa azi!… – și am rămas fără slujbă. Trăiesc în continuare din scris, așa cum o făceam și în ultima ta lună, când ai admis, în premieră, că ar putea fi, totuși, ceva de capul meu. Și de cariera mea.

Horia Ghibuțiu – Scrisoare către tata

Cealaltă cale

Like a bakery opens because a guy wants to make bread. A tavern opens because a guy wants to serve beer to people. That’s why people start businesses. It’s because they want to do something with their time. They want that enterprise to be how they spend their days. But from an academic standpoint or from an analytical standpoint or from the standpoint of publicly held companies and investment class and everything, the reason the company started is meaningless. All they want to know is the share price going up. And for people like me that seems insane.

Michael Friedman – Steve Albini Shows That Punk Rock Ethics Are Good Business

Ultimele zile ale lui Clive James

While James avoids lugubriousness, he does periodically remind us that he is in truly bad shape. In one of the later essays, he recalls a night at a hospital when the plastic bag taped to his leg to collect urine suddenly broke. He buzzed for the night nurse, who told the embarrassed James to stop apologizing. She then “set to mopping it up. She had a deformed body, with limbs all the wrong lengths. Life could never have been easy for her. But now she was making the end of life easier for me. It was a night to remember, and I haven’t forgotten it for a second. I can only hope that the sum total of my writings has been as useful to the world as her kindness, but I doubt that this is so.

Michael Dirda – Clive James’s ‘Last Readings’ review: A critic’s final homage to literature, life

Scopul în viață

A few weeks ago, I asked readers to send in essays describing their purpose in life and how they found it. A few thousand submitted contributions, and many essays are online. I’ll write more about the lessons they shared in the weeks ahead, but one common theme surprised me.

I expected most contributors would follow the commencement-speech clichés of our high-achieving culture: dream big; set ambitious goals; try to change the world. In fact, a surprising number of people found their purpose by going the other way, by pursuing the small, happy life.

David Brooks – The Small, Happy Life













Jonathan Malesic – Don’t Search for “Purpose”. You Will Fail

“Nu-i trebuie istorie; dă la medicină”

Another fantasy of liberal education is that the student who advances to the university should take up the study that interests him most. For a small number of students this is in the main right. Even at a very early stage of school life, we can identify a few individuals with a definite inclination towards one group of studies or another. The danger for these unfortunate ones is that if left to themselves they will overspecialize, they will be wholly ignorant of the general interests of human beings. We are all in one way or another naturally lazy, and it is much easier to confine ourselves to the study of subjects in which we excel. But the great majority of the people who are to be educated have no very strong inclination to specialize, because they have no definite gifts or tastes. Those who have more lively and curious minds will tend to smatter. No one can become really educated without having pursued some study in which he took no interest – for it is a part of education to learn to interest ourselves in subjects for which we have no aptitude.

T.S. Eliot via Alan Jacobs

Omul care l-a dat jos pe Blatter

This journalism business is easy, you know. You just find some disgraceful, disgustingly corrupt people and you work on it! You have to. That’s what we do. The rest of the media gets far too cozy with them. It’s wrong. Your mother told you what was wrong. You know what’s wrong. Our job is to investigate, acquire evidence.

Michael E. Miller – How a curmudgeonly old reporter exposed the FIFA scandal that toppled Sepp Blatter

Cătușele de aur

My first real professional job was at a large health insurance corporation in Florida. I worked with several people who were well-compensated, but largely unhappy with the nature of the work. One boss offered me some strong life advice that I have generally heeded ever since: “Don’t get the golden handcuffs. Don’t get loaded down with high car payments and a mortgage that you can only afford if you do this job. Maintain your freedom.” He was right. I’ve taken his advice ever since and always strive to live in such a way that I have some margin and could change gears if necessary.

Hunter Baker – The Top 18 Things I’ve Learned On The Way To 44